Implementing threads using C++

I have an API call in my application where I am checking the time taken for a single call. I have put this in a FOR loop and using 10000 calls to get the average times of all calls. Now the issue which came up was that the actual application using the API, is multi-threaded. If I wish to make my application also do the same, how would I go about doing this?

The platform is REL and my aim is to send multiple calls in the same time with either the same parameters or different parameters. Can this be implemented in C++ and if so, what library functions to use and can an example be provided for the same?


Probably the best C++ library to use for threading is the thread library in Boost, but like all C++ threading, you will be forced to manually do your synchronization. You will need to use mutex and lock types to make it work properly. Your question isn't very clear, so I can't really help you any more (though I think you don't actually need threading, but I could be completely misunderstanding).

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