Should GExperts Functionality be Incorporated into Delphi?

I recently upgraded to Delphi 2009 and was disappointed to find out that I couldn't easily replace one VCL component with another. The best answer back was that GExperts could be used to do this.

Is it worthwhile to petition Embarcadero to incorporate some or all of the capabilities of GExperts right into Delphi? Which of their "Experts" do you use most and would like to see in Delphi?

Or is GExperts best left as a community Open Source addon?


What features in GExperts would you most like to be included in Delphi itself? I would suggest that you come up with prioritized list of your, say, top 10 features. Then pop on over to Quality Central ( and see if they've already been added as suggestions and if so, vote for them. If not feel free to go ahead and add them. This information is regularly mined and queried not only for product defects, but also as a way for us to hear from our customers about product enhancements. The voting system helps us prioritize the planning of our work and product cycles.

I vote for grep search and procedure window too. Probably procedure window in first place though

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