Open new Page from an Xbap

Our application is an Xbap running in full trust. I have a function similar to this:

private void ShowPage(Page page)
    NavigationWindow mainWindow = Application.Current.MainWindow as NavigationWindow;  

This works great for browsing inside an existing window. I would like to open this new page in a separate window. Is there anyway to do this?

There is an overload that takes 'extraData' but I haven't been able to determine what to pass to navigate to a new window.


Apparently WPF is a little new for StackOverflow. Here is the function I came up with in case anyone else stumbles across this.

private void ShowPage(Page page)
    NavigationWindow popup = new NavigationWindow();  
    popup.Height = 400;
    popup.Width = 600;

I have not tried this in partial trust, it is likely this only works in full trust.

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