Object Oriented Design help from C++ to C#

Hey I usually run into a situation where I will create a class that should only be instantiated by one or a few classes. In this case I would make its constructor private and make it a friend class to the objects that should be able to instantiate it. For example (in C++):

class CFoo
    friend class CFoo;

    // private ctor because only a select few classes should instantiate
        ... Do stuff

class CBar
    // CBar is one of the few classes that only need to use CFoo

    CFoo *m_pFoo;

        m_pFoo = new CFoo;

So my question is: Is this stupid? Or is there a better way to achieve this? I'm especially interested in a way where it would work with C# considering the language lacks the friend keyword completely. Thanks.


The goal here seems to be that you cannot have a CFoo until you have a working CBar.

You could achieve the same with C# by having a private constructor for CFoo and then making a static method in CFoo that takes a CBar argument and calls said constructor and returns the new CFoo.

This would be something like the System.Drawing.Graphics.FromImage(Image image) method.

The question of why C# doesn't have the friend keyword has been covered elsewhere.

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