Inheriting a .net class

Ok here's what I'm trying to do I want to write a class that inherits everything from the class ListItem

class RealListItem : ListItem

  public string anExtraStringINeed;


For some reason or another .net is treating all the members like they are private when I try to do this so my class is worthless.

I tried to do a work around and do it like this:

class RealListItem : ListItem
  public string anExtraStringINeed;
  public ListItem list;

but it still doesn't work because I need to use it in a function that uses the accepts type ListItem and RealListItem isn't playing nice like it should. I can do aRealListItem.list but that only passes the list from RealListItem I need the whole object to be passed along.

Whats with this am I doing something wrong or will microsoft just not let you inherit .net classes?


The System.Web.UI.Controls.ListItem class is "sealed"... That means you cannot inherit from it...

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