Spin Control in Delphi

I want to use a "spin button control" (also known as an up-down control) in my Delphi Win 32 application (I'm using Delphi 2007).

The aim is to have a control that looks like in Microsoft Office:

I found this on the Microsoft website: CSpinButtonCtrl Class

But I haven't so far found a control that uses this class - here's where I've been searching:

  • The SpinEdit control in Delphi looks well... not so good, and doesn't seem to use the official Microsoft control
  • The JVCL classes have their own implementation
  • A Google search did not return any results (except some home-brew up/down controls)
  • I couldn't find something in the Jedi API as well

Can somebody please point me to where I can find a Delphi implementation of the common spin control from Microsoft, or how I can do that myself?


Have a look at TUpDown. It wraps the Win32 control.

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