Getting started with SOAP for Delphi in Win32

I have a server process built in Delphi/C++Builder with RemObjects SDK which claims to support SOAP requests.

What's the quickest and easiest way of testing out the SOAP support? I'd prefer not to have to learn a new language/install a new IDE/spend more than a day...

To clarify this, I'm already connecting to the server happily using the RO native protocol, and have SOAP enabled, but I want to test how systems NOT based on the RO SDK can use it. Using RO SOAP for both client and server doesn't accomplish this...


I haven't tried it with RemObjects, but if the server already supports SOAP, I can't think of an easier way to test it than to simply consume the web service using Delphi and call each of the methods. It's surprisingly straight forward.

  • Create a new application.
  • In File|New|Other|WebServices choose WSDL Importer.
  • Enter the server's WSDL page. A wrapper unit is created for you with all of the web service methods and any additional classes/enumerations the web service uses.

Just above the Implementation section, you will see a method to return an instance of your web service class:

function GetMyServerSoap(UseWSDL: Boolean=System.False; Addr: string=''; HTTPRIO: THTTPRIO = nil): MyServerSoap;

Instantiate it with the defaults and start calling methods.

If you want/need to see the XML being sent and received, supply your own HTTPRIO component and use the OnBeforeExecute and OnExecute events.

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