FreeMM vs ShareMem

We have a lot of dll-libraries written in both delphi and c++ builder, and use sharemem and borlndmm.dll.

An aligment-issue in a 3thparty library forces us over to the new memorymanager in delphi 2007.

Can someone please explain 'shared memory manager' for me? Is SimpleShareMem a dropin replacement for ShareMem ? Can we then stop deploying borlndmm.dll? Do we have to do something with the c++-libraries as well? Can some libraries use ShareMem and some SimpleShareMem?

Thanks, -Vegar


I think I found the answer to most of my questions in this thread: borland.public.delphi.language.basm:

Either use (a) SimpleShareMem.pas/FastMM4.pas, or use (b) ShareMem.pas (i.e. borlndmm.dll) You cannot mix the two different sharing methods.

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