What is the best way to provide “search as you type”?

I'm porting a Forms app to a VB.NET web app, and one of the feature the users really liked was the ability to narrow the possible choices as the user typed in a search box. The search itself goes against multiple tables and columns (and takes several seconds), so it's not a simple AutoComplete or anything. What's the best way to allow the user to type, and asynchronously update a ListView with the matches?


JQuery will be a good solution to filter the ListView at client side. Check this recent article and another cool demo here

You should be able to use the Dynamic Populate control in the AJAX Control Toolkit to do most of the legwork.

Need Your Help

Is there a way to prevent null values from being persisted while allowing others through?

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I have an existing JPA (EclipseLink) project where the desired behaviour is that if given a null value in a field for an entity, that null value should not be persisted.

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