How do I flush the PRINT buffer in TSQL?

I have a very long-running stored procedure in SQL Server 2005 that I'm trying to debug, and I'm using the 'print' command to do it. The problem is, I'm only getting the messages back from SQL Server at the very end of my sproc - I'd like to be able to flush the message buffer and see these messages immediately during the sproc's runtime, rather than at the very end.


Use the RAISERROR function:

RAISERROR( 'This message will show up right away...',0,1) WITH NOWAIT

You shouldn't completely replace all your prints with raiserror. If you have a loop or large cursor somewhere just do it once or twice per iteration or even just every several iterations.

Also: I first learned about RAISERROR at this link, which I now consider the definitive source on SQL Server Error handling and definitely worth a read:

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