JavaScript & IE7 - Why won't my *.onload = function() { } fire?

I have a gallery I quickly coded up for a small site, and under Firefox 3 and Safari 3 works fine. But when I test on my old best friend IE7, it seems to not fire the imageVar.onload = function() { // code here }.. which I want to use to stop the load effect and load the image.

Please bear in mind...

  • I know the thumbnails are just scaled down version of the larger images. When the images are finalised by the client I am going to create proper thumbnails.
  • This is my first attempt to try and get out of procedural JavaScript for the most part.. so please go easy and kindly let me know where my code sucks!


For successful use of Image.onload, you must register the event handler method before the src attribute is set.

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