How can I encrypt my website traffic?

What is the easiest free method of encrypting my web traffic? I'd like to be able to log in to sites on my web server without sending my password in plaintext.

Edit: My web server is running on the LAMP stack , although it is a shared host so I don't have root.


Get an X.509 certificate (for example, generating your own, or getting one free from StartSSL), and use it to set up SSL—a server-specific configuration task.

If you can't configure a new listener in your web server, there's not really a good option. In theory you could do a little hacking with some JavaScript crypto library, like JavaScrypt, and come up with something safe. I've toyed with several options but I don't know enough about it to come up with anything I feel confident about.

I don't know your circumstances, but if it were me, I'd consider another host.

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