What is an alternative to InfoPath for XML editing?

We are look at providing a method for our non-technical users to edit XML and pass it to our existing XML input functionality. I remembered InfoPath saved its data as XML, and took another look at it. It's great the way it allows you to define a form based on an XSD (XML Schema), and then allow the user to edit XML without knowing it is an XML file. The resulting XML validates perfectly due to InfoPath's input constraints.

The one problem is that we cannot assume our user base will have MS InfoPath installed.

Is there another method of auto-generating a form that allows the user to edit XML easily?


You can host the form on to a Sharepoint. InfoPath Forms Services is a server technology built on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 as an ASP.NET version 2.0 application. It enables users to fill out Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 forms by using a Web browser instead of, or in addition to, the Office InfoPath 2007 client program


Ofcourse there are other way is to create custom form based on the XML in any technology and give out a form for the users

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