How do I enable color when running RSpec through RStakeout?

When using topfunky's RStakeout, the color in the result of the spec command is lost. This happens even when adding the --color flag.


I was able to get it to work with --tty in my .rspec file (use Rails 3.0.3 and rspec 2.3). I think it's --autotest for older version of 2.0. After an hour of searching, found it here -

Need Your Help

Canopy Express python does not persist

python bash enthought .bash-profile python-venv

I just installed Canopy Express and wanted to test its virtual environment integration. I find that when I deactivate a virtual environment, my system Python reverts to the default installation:

Resumed animation is slow after pausing using stop()

jquery jquery-animate

Bit of a newbie here. I've an animation that's malfunctioning slightly. I believe it's a queuing issue, but I just want a hover/pause effect, and from my reading I feel I'm heading down the wrong p...

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