Summary of new features in WCF 2.0?

Is there a good reference, or summary list, of new features in WCF 2.0/VS2010?

I'm trying to do a justification proposal for a project, to migrate from Jabber to WCF.


Not answering your question in particular, but WCF 2.0's not going to come out for quite some time, so I'd base my evaluation against the current WCF version.

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How to mark .NET objects exposed to COM-interop as single threaded?

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When defining a COM-visible class in C++ I can define the supported threading model in the header file (the threading(single) line):

With VBA, find the version of the the MySQL ODBC driver installed in Windows

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Using Visual Basic for Applications, how can I find out which version of the MySQL ODBC driver is installed in Windows on a user's machine?

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