Best way to load an application like it was in its previous state when it was terminated

I would like to learn the best practices in reloading the application state, such that when my app is started, it should automatically load the "correct" view/subview when it is opened again.

In my particular case, my app has a bunch of view controllers, each taking care of a UITableView. I would like for my app to "jump" to the correct node within my table view hierarchy when it is opened again.


Building on what Marc said, assuming you've got a base view controller, and then one or more levels of 'drill-down', load all your view controllers up to the 'current' one using [navigationController pushViewController: viewController animated: NO]. Then, when the user hits the Back button, they'll be presented with the pre-loaded previous view controller. A good example of this is the "Contacts" app, which preloads the Groups view controller, then pushes a view controller for the current group (usually "All Contacts") on top of that.

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