MethodAccessException on CF 2.0 List<T>.Sort

I've got some library code that works on a range of .NET runtimes (regular, CF, Silverlight, etc) - but a small block of code is breaking only on CF 2.0, with a MethodAccessException. I'm pretty sure it is a runtime bug, but does anybody know any good workarounds? It works fine in CF 3.5, but I need to be able to support CF 2.0 too.

Specifically, this relates to a library assembly using generics, being given a non-public T by the caller. I don't do anything nasty to the T (such as reflection), but it breaks anyway...

All it does is wrap the values and add them to the list, then sort the list via a Comparison<>. I have also tried Array.Sort, IComparer<Wrapper<T>>, IComparable<Wrapper<T>>, etc - all fail in the same way: MethodAccessException - with the VS tip:

If the access level of a method in a class library has changed, recompile any assemblies that reference that library.

But make the T public and it all works fine... note that we were never sorting on T - we were only working with Wrapper<T>...

Any input appreciated...

Library assembly:

public static class LibraryClass
    public static void Test<T>(T foo, T bar)
        // vastly simplified... I am aware that it is already in order here ;-p
        var list = new List<Wrapper<T>>();
        list.Add(new Wrapper<T> { Tag = 1, Value = foo });
        list.Add(new Wrapper<T> { Tag = 2, Value = bar });

        list.Sort((x,y) => x.Tag.CompareTo(y.Tag)); // BOOM!!

public class Wrapper<T> // public to prove this isn't a factor...
    public T Value { get; set; }
    public int Tag { get; set; }

Calling assembly:

public static class Program
    static void Main()
        MyData foo = new MyData {Name = "foo"},
            bar = new MyData {Name = "bar"};

        LibraryClass.Test<MyData>(foo, bar);

class MyData // but make MyData public and it works...
    public string Name { get; set; }


Have you tried writing your own sort - perhaps the built in one is doing some reflection shenanigans... Not with a view to using your own in the long term - but as a means of debugging the problem. It should be quick to code in something else and at least see whats then.

I presume you don't get a stack trace when it goes boom.

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