how to set windows service username and password through commandline

Using sc command we can query, start , stop windows services. For ex:

sc query "windows service name"

The sc config command changes the configuration of the service, but I don't know how to use it.

Could someone tell me how we can set the username and password for any windows service?


This works:

sc.exe config "[servicename]" obj= "[.\username]" password= "[password]"

Where each of the [bracketed] items are replaced with the true arguments. (Keep the quotes, but don't keep the brackets.)

Just keep in mind that:

  • The spacing in the above example matters. obj= "foo" is correct; obj="foo" is not.
  • '.' is an alias to the local machine, you can specify a domain there (or your local computer name) if you wish.
  • Passwords aren't validated until the service is started
  • Quote your parameters, as above. You can sometimes get by without quotes, but good luck.

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