Fastest way to find out whether two ICollection<T> collections contain the same objects

What is the fastest way to find out whether two ICollection<T> collections contain precisely the same entries? Brute force is clear, I was wondering if there is a more elegant method.

We are using C# 2.0, so no extension methods if possible, please!

Edit: the answer would be interesting both for ordered and unordered collections, and would hopefully be different for each.


use C5


" Check if all items in a supplied collection is in this bag (counting multiplicities). The items to look for. True if all items are found."


public virtual bool ContainsAll<U>(SCG.IEnumerable<U> items) where U : T
  HashBag<T> res = new HashBag<T>(itemequalityComparer);

  foreach (T item in items)
    if (res.ContainsCount(item) < ContainsCount(item))
      return false;

  return true;

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