Need a good ASP.NET menu

I am looking for a good menu to use in an ASP.NET. I am currently using the asp menu. I need it to work in IE 6,7,8, Firefox and Safari. I also need it to not add a lot of overhead to the page client-side. I need to be able to load it from the database.


Write your own Server Control which implements the menu control but go one step further and implement the CSS friendly adapters which will give you standards compliant code instead of the usual garbage html tables that asp:menu creates.

You can read more here:

Need Your Help

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I submitted my fantasy football app for the first time and got rejected for the following reason,

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I have a simple test app that has one view, one view controller, and all of this is instantiated via a standard storyboard. When I run my app and pause on a breakpoint in my view controller I can see

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