How to Establish Inheritance Between Objects in JavaScript?

I have the following code that creates two objects (ProfileManager and EmployerManager) where the object EmployerManager is supposed to inherit from the object ProfileManager. However, when I do alert(pm instanceof ProfileManager); it returns false.

function ProfileFactory(profileType) {
    	case 'employer':
    		return new EmployerManager();

function ProfileManager() {
    this.headerHTML = null;
    this.contentHTML = null;
    this.importantHTML = null;

    this.controller = null;

    this.actions = new Array();
    this.anchors = new Array();

ProfileManager.prototype.loadData = function(action, dao_id, toggleBack) {

    var step = this.actions.indexOf(action);

    var prv_div = $('div_' + step - 1);
    var nxt_div = $('div_' + step);

    new Ajax.Request(this.controller, {
    		method: 'get',
    		parameters: {action : this.actions[step], dao_id : dao_id},
    		onSuccess: function(data) {
    			nxt_div.innerHTML = data.responseText;

    			if(step != 1 && !prv_div.empty()) {


    			for(i = 1; i <= step; i++)
    				if($('step_anchor_' + i).innerHTML.empty())
    					$('step_anchor_' + i).innerHTML = this.anchors[i];

EmployerManager.prototype.superclass = ProfileManager;

function EmployerManager() {

    this.controller = 'eprofile.php';

    this.anchors[1] = 'Industries';
    this.anchors[2] = 'Employer Profiles';
    this.anchors[3] = 'Employer Profile';

    this.actions[1] = 'index';
    this.actions[2] = 'employer_list';
    this.actions[3] = 'employer_display';	

var pm = new ProfileFactory('employer');
alert(pm instanceof ProfileManager);

BTW, this is my very first attempt at Object-Oriented JavaScript, so if you feel compelled to comment on the stupidity of my approach please feel free to do so, but offer suggestions on how to approach the problem better.


I've been using something similar to Dean Edward's Base.js model.

Prototype supports (mimicing) class inheritance via the Object.extend() function.

However, it could be argued that trying to impose class-based inheritance on a language which doesn't support classes is an example of "when you only have a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail".

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