Can Anyone Reccomend an ASP.NET MVC Group Chat Control?

I need to provide a window on an ASP.NET MVC web page where registered users of the site can group chat live.

Can anyone recommend a component or control that can provide real-time group chat that I can embed on an ASP.NET MVC page?

I am willing to use free or commercial components, as well as a web service.

I looked into a few web 2.0 approaches, like:

  • Campfire - problem is, it takes you to a seperate site, and I can't embed the chat window (at least that's what they said when I contacted support)
  • Meebo - requires that users have Meebo accounts (I think)

What's unique here is that I need to enable site users to chat live with each other - not with a central support person (like LivePerson, or the Meebo widget).

Anyone got any ideas or recommendations?


All you really need is an action to post new messages to, an action to poll for updates, and a div to place the items.

You can accomplish all of this pretty easily with ajax and those two actions on a ChatController in ASP.NET MVC.

+1 for Campfire though, it's a really well polished tool.

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