Looking for an embeddable SQL beautifier or reformatter

I am looking for a Java open source beautifier or reformatter for SQL that I can use to clean up DDL statements that I am generating with openArchitectureWare.

Nothing in the answer to "Online Code Beautifier And Formatter" is of use to me and I have not been able to get Simple SQL Formatter to work for me.


UPDATE 2: org.hibernate.jdbc.util.BasicFormatterImpl got moved in release 4.0. It is now located at: org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.internal.BasicFormatterImpl.

UPDATE: Technology marches on. As noted by Alex, org.hibernate.pretty.Formatter no longer exists as of version 3.3.2.GA. The replacement is org.hibernate.jdbc.util.BasicFormatterImpl:

String formattedSQL = new BasicFormatterImpl().format(sql);

At this writing, this answer has the most upvotes, and ought to have the current correct answer in it, so I have updated it accordingly. Props to Alex for bringing it up.


ORIGINAL ANSWER: If you're using Hibernate, they've got one built-in: org.hibernate.pretty.Formatter

String formattedSQL = new Formatter(sql).format();

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