Debugging pylons in Eclipse under Ubuntu

I am trying to get pylons to debug in Eclipse under Ubuntu. Specifically. I am not sure what to use for the 'Main Module' on the Run configurations dialog.

(this is a similar question on stackoverflow, but I think it applies to windows as I can't find on my system)

Can anyone help?


I've managed to fix this now.

In Window>Preferences>Pydev>Interpreter-Python remove the python interpreter and reload it (select New) after installing pylons.

In the Terminal cd into the projects directory. Then type sudo python develop Not sure what this does, but it does the trick (if any one wants to fill me in, please do)

In Run>Open Debug Dialog enter the location of paster in Main Module. For me this is /usr/bin/paster . Then in the Arguments tab in Program arguments enter serve /locationOfYourProject/development.ini

All set to go. It took a lot of search for me to find out that it does not work if the arguments includes --reload

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