Change the location of the ncb file in Visual C++ 2008 (9.0)

I´ve tweaked the VC++ settings so that all of my actual code will go to one place, while compiler generated binaries will go to another. This ncb file is the exception though. It is a quite large IDE generated binary file (Intellisense database). I can´t seem to be able to move it anywhere other than the solution folder. I´ve reasearched on google and found a few references saying that this is impossible. Does anyone have a workaround?


Visual Studio doesn't allow you to move that file. This article on CodeProject shows how one person worked around this problem, by creating a "poor man's" version of symbolic links. This involves hooking Windows' CreateFile function. This approach seems like overkill to me; I think I would just learn to live with this limitation if possible.

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