How do I easily identify classes that implement IDispose in Visual Studio?

Is it possible to identify classes that implement IDisposable. I was hoping to do so in the Visual Studio Color settings or with an addon.

I don't use Resharper and I have heard that FXcop has this feature. I was looking for something different than these options.


You can use the Class View and Object Browser to determine it. But going to the definition is the best idea as the MetaData generated will show you all the methods and the inheritance of the class

You can right click on the type and select go to definition. It should show you the public members of the class and the interfaces it implements. The object browser can also be used to see this.

However Brody's answer is usually the simplest way and works so long as someone hasn't implemented a method called Dispose but not implemented the IDisposable interface.

Look for the method Dispose() on the class.

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