Can I automate creating a .NET web application in IIS?

I need to deploy a web application on several laptops (although it is a web application, it is intended to run via localhost only - thus the need to deploy on several different machines).

Normally I would go to IIS and right click a directory to create a web application, but I would very much like to automate this leg of the installation. Can it be done?

edit: My question, clearly, isn't very clear.

I want to use IIS, but I want to create the web application automatically without opening the IIS Microsoft Management Console (MMC).


I can sugest you to take a look at this link if you are deploying on IIS6 or at this one if it is IIS7(I could recommend Mike Volodarsky's blog for any info on IIS7 in general). It should be quite simple for you to write some batch file to automate a site creation. Example:

  • IIS6 : iisweb /create C:\Rome "My Vacations" /d /dontstart
  • IIS7 : %windir%\system32\inetsrv\AppCmd ADD SITE /name:MyNewSite /bindings:http/*:81: /physicalPath:c:\inetpub\mynewsite

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