Make Visual Studio understand CamelCase when hitting ctrl and cursor keys

Is there a way that I can configure Visual Studio 2008 to understand CamelCase? Specifically, I'd like to be able to get ctrl + right or left cursor to take me to a subsection of a variable or type name.

i.e., if my cursor was at the start of this line:

LongNamedExampleClass longNamed = new LongNamedExampleClass();

and I hit ctrl + right, I'd like to jump to "Named" in the class name, rather than the start of the variable name. If I hit it again, I'd like to go to "Example". I hope that makes sense...

I used this navigational feature in eclipse quite a lot, and find it difficult to unlearn something so ingrained.


Thanks for those who suggested Resharper. Gives me another reason to love it even more. Just to be specific about where this lives - JetBrains call it CamelHumps (cute) and you can switch it on using the menu:

Resharper -> Options -> Editor -> Use CamelHumps

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