What OOP coding practices should you always make time for?

I tend to do a lot of projects on short deadlines and with lots of code that will never be used again, so there's always pressure/temptation to cut corners. One rule I always stick to is encapsulation/loose coupling, so I have lots of small classes rather than one giant God class. But what else should I never compromise on?

Update - thanks for the great response. Lots of people have suggested unit testing, but I don't think that's really appropriate to the kind of UI coding I do. Usability / User acceptance testing seems much important. To reiterate, I'm talking about the BARE MINIMUM of coding standards for impossible deadline projects.


Not OOP, but a practice that helps in both the short and long run is DRY, Don't Repeat Yourself. Don't use copy/paste inheritance.

Need Your Help

In C#, is there a kind of a SortedList<double> that allows fast querying (with LINQ) for the nearest value?

c# .net linq sorting sortedlist

I am looking for a structure that holds a sorted set of double values. I want to query this set to find the closest value to a specified reference value.

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