How can I speed up the compile / publish time of Flash IDE projects

I'm sick of waiting hours for Flash to publish. .NET / VisualStudio projects are WAAAAY faster - is that only compiling the classes that have changed?

Update: Does the Flash IDE re-encode all your sounds and images every time you publish? Can't it cache them somewhere?


In Flash CS4, disabling Warnings Mode speeds up code compilation by about 30% (still quite slow). Strict Mode also, but I'm not sure to what extent.

As for library assets, the optimal speed is achieved by setting JPEGs to "Use imported JPEG data" and PNGs/GIFs as "Loosless PNG/GIF". As for sounds, I'm not 100% sure, but I think that ADPCM/mono-to-stereo/5kHz/2bit was the fastest. The [Embed] tag might also help (it doesn't do any convertion) but it includes quite a bit of Flex code.

And as a tip, in Flash CS4 you can batch select assets in the library and apply settings, so you can easily set the optimal speed settings while on development and then change them for deploy.

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