How to force a screen orientation in specific view controllers?

My application is pretty simple: it starts up with a view controller that holds a table view (in grouped view layout) with a few options. When the user taps on one of the options, I push another view controller onto my navigation controller.

This second view controller simply displays a UIImageView, and the user can change the screen orientation on this view controller between portrait/landscape modes. This works just fine, and all is happy.

However, if the user taps on the "Back" button on my navigation bar while on the landscape mode, the first controller's layout is all messed up. See below for before/after screenshots:

Any clues on how to force the first view controller (second screenshot in this post) to stay within the portrait screen orientation?


There does not appear to be a way to do this using the documented methods.

I have filed a bug for this: rdar://6399924

"There is no way to always restrict a UIViewController to one orientation"

You can see it on open radar (along with a link to sample code to reproduce the problem) here:

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