parse csv file using gawk

How do you parse a csv file using gawk? Simply setting FS="," is not enough, as a quoted field with a comma inside will be treated as multiple fields.

Example using FS="," which does not work:

file contents:

one,two,"three, four",five
"six, seven",eight,"nine"

gawk script:

BEGIN { FS="," }
  for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) printf "field #%d: %s\n", i, $(i)
  printf "---------------------------\n"

bad output:

field #1: one
field #2: two
field #3: "three
field #4:  four"
field #5: five
field #1: "six
field #2:  seven"
field #3: eight
field #4: "nine"

desired output:

field #1: one
field #2: two
field #3: "three, four"
field #4: five
field #1: "six, seven"
field #2: eight
field #3: "nine"


The short answer is "I wouldn't use gawk to parse CSV if the CSV contains awkward data", where 'awkward' means things like commas in the CSV field data.

The next question is "What other processing are you going to be doing", since that will influence what alternatives you use.

I'd probably use Perl and the Text::CSV or Text::CSV_XS modules to read and process the data. Remember, Perl was originally written in part as an awk and sed killer - hence the a2p and s2p programs still distributed with Perl which convert awk and sed scripts (respectively) into Perl.

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