SharePoint and thread safety

I'm looking for articles, forum or blog posts dealing with SharePoint and thread safety? I'm quite sure there are some special aspects regarding thread safety that have to be considered when working with the SharePoint object model.

Actually I didn't find many information about this, yet.

So I'm looking forward to your answers.

Bye, Flo


There are much worse pitfalls in the SharePoint OM than just plain old thread safety. Pay particular attention to working with objects retrieved from properties. You should always keep a pointer to an object while you work on it; example:

var list = web.List["MyList"]
list.Items[0]["Field1"] = "foo"
list.Items[0]["Field2"] = "bar"
list.Items[0].Update() // nothing is updated!

You might expect Field1 and Field2 to be updated by the final Update() call, but nope. Each time you use the indexer, a NEW reference to the SPListItem is returned.

Correct way:

SPListItem item = list.Items[0]
item["Field1"] = "foo"
item["Field2"] = "bar"
item.Update() // updated!

Just a start. Also google for pitfalls around the IDisposabe/Dispose pattern.


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