Air application created with Flex - How do I create a fly-out window to the left/right

I have an Air application with a main window. I would like to have a new window fly out from the side of the main window when the user clicks on a button in the main window. The window that appears needs to display information based on value passed from the main form. How can I achieve this with Flex Builder 3?

Target platform: any version of Flash/Flex/Air.


You'll probably want to use view states. Check out the Flex in one Week video tutorial on "Creating View States":

What you want to do is what tweenMax was made for. it's a .swc that you add into your project. It will allow you to use the tweenLite (or tweenMax) command.

import com.greensock.*;, 1, {x:65, y:117});

So you would say if your stage was 500 px wide and you want the box to come in from the right. Add the child at maybe 505, and then whatever x value you want. Yep. it's that easy. And the other parameters are for duration and easing and even alpha so you have control over that too. They even have a swf in the website so you an play with it and practice.

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