Sharepoint List View Settings

We have created a new List View Style that shows thumbnails from a picture library, we have added a HyperLink Column and made the View style map the HyperLink url to an anchor tag.

The intention is that when the Content Managers want to create a image based list of hyper links they just have to create a Picture Library, and then add a web part view, and set the style to our new definition.

Its working OK - we have turned off lots of the toolbars, titles, borders etc - BUT there still remains a "Sort Bar" at the bottom that allows the user to change the order of the list. We want the option to turn this off - but we can't find the setting that turns it off.

Does anybody know?

alt text



Looks like I am wrong and you will have to use the CSS to hide the style bar. It does feel a lot like a hack, but it has proven to be one that we have used out of a desire for some practicality in the developement costs.



You can edit the vwstyles.xml file in the 12 hive (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL\XML). This controls exactly how the views look. Unfortunately it is very ugly xml to render html.

I recommend you create your own vwstyle in the xml and set the style of the view to use the newly created one.

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