What replaces .htaccess on IIS/ASP.NET sites?

On Apache/PHP sites if I want to put a senstive file within my website folders, I put a .htaccess file in that folder so users can't download the sensitive file.

Is there a similar practice for IIS/ASP.NET sites, i.e. if I have a shared hosting account and don't have access to IIS server. Can I do this in web.config for instance?

e.g. the ASPNETDB.MDF file that ASP.NET Configuration put in the App_Data directory. I would assume this is protected by default but where can I change the settings for this folder as I could with a .htaccess file?


Inside of an ASP.Net web.config you can setup locations to add security to specific files and folders. In addition, you can remove all verbs from those directories:

<location path="Secret" allowOverride="false">
      <deny users="*" />
      <remove path="*.*" verb="*"/>

I have only used the authorization portion of that snippet and it works great. The handler should further lock it down and using a ISAPI filter would be able to put the finishing touches on it.

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