How can I create multidimensional arrays in Perl?

I am a bit new to Perl, but here is what I want to do:

my @array2d;
  push(@array2d[$i], $_);

It doesn't compile since @array2d[$i] is not an array but a scalar value.

How should I declare @array2d as an array of array?

Of course, I have no idea of how many rows I have.


To make an array of arrays, or more accurately an array of arrayrefs, try something like this:

my @array = ();
foreach my $i ( 0 .. 10 ) {
  foreach my $j ( 0 .. 10 ) {
    push @{ $array[$i] }, $j;

It pushes the value onto a dereferenced arrayref for you. You should be able to access an entry like this:

print $array[3][2];

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