Oracle - Select where field has lowercase characters

I have a table, users, in an Oracle database. Two of the fields are varchar - last_name and first_name.

When rows are inserted into this table, the first name and last name fields are supposed to be in all upper case, but somehow some values in these two fields are mixed case.

I want to run a query that will show me all of the rows in the table that have first or last names with lowercase characters in it.

I searched the net and found REGEXP_LIKE, but that must be for newer versions of oracle - it doesn't seem to work for me.

Another thing I tried was to translate "abcde...z" to "$$$$$...$" and then search for a '$' in my field, but there has to be a better way?

Thanks in advance!


How about this:

select id, first, last from mytable
where first != upper(first) or last != upper(last);

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