How to fopen() on the iPhone?

The iPhone SDK docs claim fopen() is a supported method of file access but I am unable to get it to return a FILE handle. I am accessing a directory which is included in my project. I have tried fopen "filename","dir/filename","./filename","./dir/filename","/dir/filename" all returning with a null pointer. Some people report using it with no issue so I am sure it is something simple!


if you're trying to access a file within your application bundle, you need to get the full path to it: [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource: FILENAME ofType: FILEEXTENSION]

This returns an NSString, which you can pull a UTF8String out of and pass to fopen.

Just to be clear to open a file "some.txt"...

NSString * path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:  @"some" ofType: @"txt"];
FILE *f = fopen([path cStringUsingEncoding:1],"r");
if (f == NULL) NSLog([path stringByAppendingString:@" not found"]);

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