What is a good choice of ORM for an eCommerce website?

I am using C# 3.0 / .NET 3.5 and planning to build an eCommerce website.

I've seen NHibernate, LLBLGEN, Genome, Linq to SQL, Entity Framework, SubSonic, etc.

I don't want to code everything by hand. If there is some specific bottleneck I'll manage to optimize the database/code.

Which ORM would be best? There is so much available those day that I don't even know where to start.

Which feature(s) should I be using?

Links, Screencast and Documentation are welcome.


I've been using nHibernate which is a very good free solution. The one downside is the lack of documentation, which causes a slightly steep rampup time. But once you get the basics down it really speeds up development.

I like Fluent nHibernate for a way to configure without the xml files. The one thing I suggest though is to abstract out your data access from your application. this way should you choose wrong you don't have to worry about re-coding the App tiers.

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