How can we validate a string consist any single alphabets or not in scala?

My application takes in a string like this:

  • k0qVsfpz7_cG9n75OjZCCA
  • P700058213111115432196
  • 1700058213111115432196

I need to validate in a Scala script that the string consists of any single alphabet or not.


Consider exists method over a given string, which maps each character onto a predicate provided. For instance, Char.isLetter proves true only if a given character is an alphabetical value (a letter). Hence

Boolean = true


Boolean = false

Similarly with forall we can verify that each and every character in a string holds a predicate, for instance

Boolean = false


Boolean = true

To remark that both exists and forall iterate over a collection. Here we iterate over a Scala string which is treated as a sequence of Char.

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