I have multiple private repos in github, how can I place dependency from one to another?

I don't know if this is even valid, but here goes.

I have three repos in my private github:

  1. Main project - Play App
  2. Common - Sbt project containing shared code/classes/interfaces(mostly akka actors)
  3. Impl - Sbt project containing implementations of certain interfaces in Common

The way the dependency works here is that Main is dependepent on Impl, Impl is dependent on Common

So Common will have some interfaces for Impl to implement. Common will also have some implementations of basic services.

Impl will implement some akka actor classes which Main will use to do its work.

How can I accomplish this in the build.sbt file?


I would rather put all the code in the same repository, and use a artifact repository like bintree or (as mentioned by Daenyth) artifactory. Code versioning and dependency management are two separate things.

BTW, splitting your code across several repositories can get your release process much harder as new modules are added. You'd rather publish three different artifacts using a single version (just like Apache), and store the code in one place.

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