Rails conditional CSS in view helper

I have a simple rails app and I'm trying to write a view helper that does the following.

Compares two values. If the current_month amount is greater than the forecast amount then make the text green. If the current_month amount is less than the forecast amount then make the text red.

I wrote out this simple helper to append text to the output of the the rails method, but I'm unsure of how to inject CSS/styling into this.

def target_hit(forecast, current)
  (if current.amount > forecast.amount
    number_to_currency(current.amount.to_s) + " Yay"
  elsif current.amount < forecast.amount
    number_to_currency(current.amount.to_s) + " No dice"

I'm pretty proficient on the backend but when it comes to front-end stuff I'm stumbling a lot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

example view code

<p class='total'>Current: <%= target_hit(@forecast, @current) %></p>


The rails helper content_tag http://apidock.com/rails/ActionView/Helpers/TagHelper/content_tag, is useful and means you don't have to use html_safe. I try to move all the logic from the views to helpers to make the view easy to read e.g.

def target_hit(current_amt, forecast_amt)
  content_tag(:p, "#{number_to_currency(current_amt.to_s)} target_content(current_amt, forecast_amt)", class: "total #{target_class(current_amt, forecast_amt)}")

def target_content(current_amt, forecast_amt)
  forecast_reached?(current_amt, forecast_amt) ? "Yay" : "No dice"

def target_class(current_amt, forecast_amt)
  forecast_reached?(current_amt, forecast_amt) ? "green" : "red"

def forecast_reached?(current_amt, forecast_amt)
  current_amt >= forecast_amt

in the view, you just call the helper method

<%= target_hit(@current.amount, @forecast.amount) %>

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