Kivy: How to convert user input into int or float

When using TextInput in Kivy, everything that is entered is kept as a string, even when the input is restricted to characters that represent floats or ints using input_filter. How can TextInput.text be converted into an actual float or int type so that I can do calculations with it?


Try cast

str_float = '123.456'
flt_val = float(str_float)

for int

int_val = int(str_int)

If the string is invalid integer, then it throws ValueError exception. So,

    int_val = int(str_int) # or flt_val = float(str_float)
except ValueError:
    # Handle exception.

Why couldn't you just grab the TextInput.text and convert it using float or int? ie text = TextInput.text for an int.. conversion = int(text)

In Kivy the TextInput defaults to unicode. So you will have to do lots of conversions. Mostly back to floats and strings.

entry = float(entry)
entry = str(entry)

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