Swift - Populating UITableView with data from API

I am trying to set up a feed page with a UITableView, retrieving all the JSON data from Node.js API.

Looks like it it is working, but it is very slow and sometimes does not retrieve all the images. Is there a way to make it work completely, and to optimize the code?

import UIKit

class homeViewController: UIViewController, UITableViewDelegate, UITableViewDataSource {

@IBOutlet weak var tableView: UITableView!

var jsonData : [NSDictionary] = [NSDictionary]()
var imageUrls: NSDictionary = NSDictionary()
var urlsArray: [NSURL]! = [NSURL]()

override func viewDidLoad() {


    let qualityOfServiceClass = QOS_CLASS_BACKGROUND
    let backgroundQueue = dispatch_get_global_queue(qualityOfServiceClass, 0)
    dispatch_async(backgroundQueue, {
        println("This is run on the background queue")

        dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), { () -> Void in
            println("This is run on the main queue, after the previous code in outer block")


override func viewWillAppear(animated: Bool) {


override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() {
    // Dispose of any resources that can be recreated.

func tableView(tableView: UITableView, numberOfRowsInSection section: Int) -> Int {

   return jsonData.count


func tableView(tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAtIndexPath indexPath: NSIndexPath) -> UITableViewCell {

    var type = jsonData[indexPath.row]["type"] as! Int

    if type == 1 {

        println("Type= \(type)")

        let cell1 : cellTableViewCell = self.tableView.dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier("cell") as! cellTableViewCell

        //If images url are retrieved, load them. Otherwise, load the placeholders
        if self.urlsArray.isEmpty == false {

            println("Tiè: \(self.urlsArray[indexPath.row])")

            if let data = NSData(contentsOfURL: self.urlsArray[indexPath.row]) {

                    cell1.profileImg?.image = UIImage(data: data)


        } else {

            cell1.profileImg?.image = UIImage(named: "placeholder.png")


        cell1.testLbl.text = (self.jsonData[indexPath.row]["author"] as? String)!

        return cell1

    } else {

        let cell2 : cell2TableViewCell = self.tableView.dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier("cell2") as! cell2TableViewCell

        return cell2

func refreshData()   {

    let requestURL = NSURL(string:"http://adall.ga/api/feeds/author/mat/0")!

    var request = NSMutableURLRequest(URL: requestURL)
    request.HTTPMethod = "GET"

    request.addValue(userToken, forHTTPHeaderField: "tb-token")

    let session = NSURLSession.sharedSession()

    let task = session.dataTaskWithRequest(request) {
        data, response, error in


        var dataString = NSString(data: data, encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding)


        //let jsonResult : NSDictionary = (NSJSONSerialization.JSONObjectWithData(data!, options: NSJSONReadingOptions.MutableContainers, error: nil) as? NSDictionary)!
        //jsonData = (NSJSONSerialization.JSONObjectWithData(data!, options:NSJSONReadingOptions.MutableContainers , error: nil) as? NSArray)!

        self.jsonData = NSJSONSerialization.JSONObjectWithData(data, options: NSJSONReadingOptions.AllowFragments, error: nil) as! [NSDictionary]



    var index: Int
    for index = 0; index < 10000; ++index {
        print("Index: \(index), Task state: \(task.state)")

func getImage() {

    var i = 0

    for jsonSingleData in jsonData {

        let author = jsonSingleData["author"] as! String

        let requestURL2 = NSURL(string: "http://adall.ga/api/users/" + author + "/image")!

        println("request: \(requestURL2)")

        var request2 = NSMutableURLRequest(URL: requestURL2)
        request2.HTTPMethod = "GET"

        request2.addValue(userToken!, forHTTPHeaderField: "tb-token")

        let session2 = NSURLSession.sharedSession()

        let task2 = session2.dataTaskWithRequest(request2) {
            data, response, error in

            println("response= \(response)")

            var dataString = NSString(data: data, encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding)

            self.imageUrls = (NSJSONSerialization.JSONObjectWithData(data, options: NSJSONReadingOptions.MutableContainers, error: nil) as! NSDictionary)

            //check if exists
            let imageUrl = self.imageUrls["url"] as! String

            let url = NSURL(string: "http://" +  imageUrl)







Hi for loading images you can use SDWebImage it will take care of all the heavy lifting and caching for you. here's how:

// Here we use the new provided sd_setImageWithURL: method to load the web image
[cell.imageView sd_setImageWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"http://www.domain.com/path/to/image.jpg"]
                      placeholderImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"placeholder.png"]
                             completed:^(UIImage *image, NSError *error, SDImageCacheType cacheType, NSURL *imageURL) {... completion code here ...}];

Here's a Swift example

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