Retain custom titlebar color when not in focus

I have a UWP app with custom titlebar background & foreground color. It works great except when the app is not in focus it will turn the titlebar back to the original white color.

public MainPage()

        Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationViewTitleBar titleBar = Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView().TitleBar;
        titleBar.BackgroundColor = Windows.UI.Colors.Black;
        titleBar.ForegroundColor = Windows.UI.Colors.White;
        titleBar.ButtonBackgroundColor = Windows.UI.Colors.Black;
        titleBar.ButtonForegroundColor = Windows.UI.Colors.White;     

How do I retain the custom titlebar color even when the app is not in focus?


There are Inactive colors for this purpose.

titleBar.InactiveBackgroundColor = titleBar.BackgroundColor = Windows.UI.Colors.Black;
titleBar.InactiveForegroundColor = titleBar.ForegroundColor = Windows.UI.Colors.White;
titleBar.ButtonInactiveBackgroundColor = titleBar.ButtonBackgroundColor = Windows.UI.Colors.Black;
titleBar.ButtonInactiveForegroundColor = titleBar.ButtonForegroundColor = Windows.UI.Colors.White;

The Buttons have Hover and Pressed color sets too.

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