Rails 4 Autocomplete with Simple Form - class parameter ignored

I am using Simple Form, along with the Rails Autocomplete gem.

I have a straightforward form control, where the autocomplete is working as intended:

<%= f.input :practice, as: :autocomplete, url: autocomplete_practice_name_shifts_path, id_element: '#shift_practice_id', class: 'form-control'  %>

This works perfectly, except that the class: 'form-control' parameter is not being translated onto the form.

If I remove the autocomplete parameters like so:

<%= f.input :practice, id_element: '#shift_practice_id', class: 'form-control'  %>

The class carries through correctly; as such, it seems to be the autocomplete option that is overriding the class.

Can anybody advise what the correct way to set the class on this input is?


Well, pass it like :

input_html: { class: 'form-control' }

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