Where can I find a Text-to-Speech component for delphi?

I want to add text to speech user guided instruction to my applications. Where can I find a Text to speech component to do that. I do not want to use the Windows functions.


Chant SpeechKit has everithing you need http://www.chant.net/Products/SpeechKit/Default.aspx

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newbie: error message when 'rake -T'

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I am using Ruby Enterprise Edition for my project. When I check all my rake task by run the command rake -T , I got the following error message:

how to display popover click on a tableview cell in ipad

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i am using a TableView in my application where i want a Pop over View when i clicked on a tabel cell, all the content which is in table Cell should display in a pop over view so plz suggest me how to

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