Mark first distinct row in data set

I am trying to mark the first distinct occurence in some excel data. Basically, I have Products, which have an Insertion Date and a Price Deviation.

I managed to get the Max Date of each Product by using =MAX(IF(A2=$A$2:$A$13;$B$2:$B$13;"")), as an array formula. Furthermore, I also managed to get the latest deviation amount by using, =MAX(IF(E2 = $B$2:$B$13; $C$2:$C$13; "")).

My idea, was to check for the date and the deviation amount and find the products which have the latest insertion date and the highest deviation amounts on a distinct product level.

However, my insertion date and price deviation are not an unique identifier.

Here is an example:

Any suggestion, how to mark only the first occurence of an insertion date and deviation combination?

I appreciate your replies!


I'm sure this could be done more elegantly:


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