Allow numbers and commas in JQuery Validation?

I'm using a jQuery validation-plugin to validate a form's fields. I've got a scenario where we need to validate a field to allow only commas and numbers.

Here's my HTML-code:

<input type="text" placeholder="Number of Employees" required class="form-control" name="employeeno">

And here are the jQuery validation-plugin rules:

    Regex: "[0-9,]+",
    minlength: 1,
    maxlength: 20

jQuery.validator.addMethod("Regex", function(value, element, param) {
    return value.match(new RegExp("." + param + "$"));
}, "Please enter a valid number");

This code actually works if I type at least 2 characters. But if I'm entering only one number - e.g. 2 or 3 - it is displaying an error, allthough I've set my minimum length to one. Why?


Your regex is not correct. . in regex matches any one character, you need to use ^ for start of the line

return value.match(new RegExp("^" + param + "$"));
                               ^^ here

But you can use the pattern rule from the additional methods file

    rules: {
        employeeno: {
            pattern: /^[0-9,]+$/,
            minlength: 1,
            maxlength: 20
    messages: {
        employeeno: {
            pattern: 'Please enter a valid number'

Demo: Fiddle

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